Building Your Own House


Alternative House Construction

Alternative house construction covers both the choice of primary structural materials such as general steel buildings and techniques and house construction methods for details such as exterior shutters and for different shells such as straw bale house construction. Modular prefabricated home additions and Victorian modular homes are also found here. Other construction techniques like timber frame homes; post and beam new home construction, stone house construction and concrete block house construction are sub topics in this section. Other subjects include deck building, entry doors and wood exterior doors, home electrical wiring, house additions, mobile home additions, and storage buildings.

Estimating Home Building Costs

Estimating Home Building Costs is important for the homeowner who requires a construction loan. If the homeowner engages a contractor to build a house of the homeowner’s design, homebuilding cost will usually be covered in part by a construction loan that is converted into a mortgage after completion of the home.

Home Loan New Construction

Home loans for new construction are replaced with mortgages after construction is completed. Most banks require a licensed general contractor that is responsible for the construction in order to grant a construction loan. However, there are a few sources for home owner/builder construction loans.

Home Building Insurance

Insurance during the construction process is important to guard against loss from construction site accidents and fire.

Home Building Plans

Home building plans include house plans and home construction planning. Planning might include a construction checklist to insure inspections and construction jobs are scheduled and completed in a timely fashion. A building inspection checklist is used to inspect and record problems and exceptions at the end of each job and to insure the home is ready for each inspection and for final approval by the homeowner.

House Construction Methods

House construction methods include topics like instructions for installing vinyl siding, timber pressure treatment, how to shingle a roof, exterior house painting and painting Victorian homes, how to install hardwood floors and how to refinish hardwood floors. Methods for installing fascia soffit, installing asphalt shingles, how to install house guttering and how to install vinyl siding are found both here and in the Do It Yourself Home Improvements section.

New Building Construction Products

It is important to compare new building construction products to traditional products in order to determine cost, energy efficiency and other advantages they may offer. For instance in comparing hardwood floors, it is important to consider thermal conductivity if you have radiant floor heating. Expanded polystyrene cornices and Styrofoam ceiling beams and Styrofoam crown molding are generally cheaper and offer more variety then cornices and beams made from other materials. Vinyl log siding is easier to maintain then conventional wood log siding.

A Few Types Of Materials Used in Home Siding

Siding can play a vital role in protecting the walls of your home and also enhancing its aesthetic appeal. A number of materials like wood and stone have been traditionally used as siding, and technology has gone forward to add many more like fiber cement, vinyl, and aluminum. In addition to this article we always recommend you talk with a qualified siding contractor in your area.

Siding for a home is not only decorative but can protect the walls of your home from the depredations of weather and insects. Siding panels can be layered so that they seal the seams and create a monolithic structure that can prevent moisture from getting in between the siding and walls so that any formation of mold is prevented. Reference – – Dial One Roofing company.

Wood siding is the most common siding material and is cheaper than other alternatives. Installation is also relatively simple, as the skills required for this sort of siding are widely available. There is also an abundance of this material and many varieties that can be used. The wood needs to be properly seasoned so that it can resist the weather. Wood is inflammable, but the use of fire retarding paints can help to render this material safer.

Materials like aluminum and vinyl siding are resistant to fire but are more expensive. They, however, require far less maintenance and will also last longer. They are available in a wide variety of colors and architects can use them to create different aesthetic effects that can make the exterior of the home look very attractive. These siding materials require a proper framework to be attached to the walls or structure of a building, and may also require a fair bit of expertise for proper installation.

Vinyl siding is a material that is commonly used for the siding of homes, as there is a wide variety of textures, colors, and styles that can be made to imitate wood, stone or any other desired architectural effect. The siding, like aluminum, is also light and thus can be installed in larger panels, thus reducing the number of joints. Maintenance is very easy and the use of water and detergents can have sidings always looking like new. We can recommend our favorite vinyl siding company James Hardie.


Fiber cement siding is made up of cement, sand and cellulose fiber and undergoes pressure and steam treatment during its manufacture. This siding can last much longer than other sidings and may not require replacement during the life of a home. Of all the various materials that can be used for siding, wood is the most versatile as it can be colored and made into different profiles. Maintenance requirements are heavy and wooden siding requires constant attention.

You need to look at the structural requirements for any framework that may be needed for a siding material, as this can greatly increase costs and fixing problems. Budget restraints can determine the choice, while maintenance requirements also need to be considered for long terms, as this can add to costs. The right siding can go a long way in improving the looks of a home and giving it a distinctive appearance that sets it apart from the other homes in your area.

Tips For Putting A Parent Into Assisted Living

There are few decisions more difficult than putting one of your parents into an assisted living or retirement facility. There are a lot of social stigmas about doing so, and many will likely make you feel as if you’re giving up on them. Sometimes parents even resent their family members for “sending them away” in that manner. Sometimes however, it’s simply the right thing to do. If you’ve realized this is the best course of action for your parent, many more decisions lie ahead of you. In order to help ease the stress, here are several tips for putting a parent into an assisted living facility, as well as finding the right one. Finding the right retirement community for seniors is extremely important.

First of all, finding the right assisted living facility is of the utmost importance. You need to make sure that your parent will be well taken care of and comfortable. The best thing to do is combine a ton of your own research with recommendations from any doctors your parent may have. If you can, schedule tours at any locations that look promising. There’s something to be said for being able to trust your gut. If a place feels right, you’ll know it immediately.

In your research, you should be sure to note any locations that promote 24 hour care. It’s also important to find a facility that does have some sort of regular visitor hours with a cutoff. After all, you don’t want your parent to be in a location where anyone is welcome to roam around freely. The potential safety risks are just too great. That said, you don’t want to opt for a facility that’s actually overly strict. For instance, if some sort of family emergency arises, you’re going to need some sort of access regardless of what time it is. As long as there are clear guidelines but exceptions can be made if you have clearance and there’s an active security team, that bodes fairly well.

The cost of course will factor in heavily, but you should put that as your last priority. If there’s a particular facility that goes for a bit more than your other options but you know it’s the right choice, do your best to restructure your budget to make it all work out. Employ the help of others in your family as well. If anyone else is willing to help out, especially other siblings or any other immediate family members, it could greatly ease the financial burden. Your parent’s health insurance plan may also be able to lend a hand, so be sure to review it carefully.

Finally, let yourself off the hook if you’re feeling guilty about your decision. If your parent needs assisted living and that’s the best way they can receive the care they need, it’s the right thing to do. It doesn’t mean you’re giving up on them or putting them away to be forgotten. If someone forces this sort of dismissive and negative viewpoint onto you in order to shame you or make you feel guilty, feel assured that you’re doing what was necessary. As long as you keep regular contact and do your best to keep options for their release in regular discussion, no one should ever have a single bad word to say.

A Few Modern Ways To Straighten Your Teeth

The majority of people, both young and old, will suffer from some form of dental issue during their lifetime. Due to the increased sugar in foods and unhealthy lifestyles people lead, the chance of the dental issue being an infection or decay is high; however, this is not always the case. In addition to root canals and fillings, dental professionals often deal with misaligned teeth or crooked smiles. All people are looking for that ideal smile and using the correct procedures will assist in achieving the goal. This article will discuss the various modern dental treatments available to straighten your teeth.

1. Braces

At the moment there are two types of braces available as a treatment alternative: the traditional wire braces and the invisible plastic braces. The traditional metal brace can be highly beneficial to realign or adjusting teeth. Unfortunately, the metal alternative can take several months to treat the problem and are not removable. In fact, the wired option is only removed by the dental professional once the dentist agrees that the treatment is complete.

Invisible braces, however, are made from plastic being far less painful to wear than the traditional metal option. This modern device is removable and is far more aesthetically pleasing while performing the same service as the traditional braces. The only drawback to invisible braces is that they are more costly than metal braces. It’s important when considering braces to discuss the options thoroughly with a qualified Orthodontist near you so you can both decide on the right choice for you.  If you live in our beautiful home state of Colorado click here to find a Denver Orthodontist.

2. Inman Aligners

The Inman aligner is a dental treatment device that falls between the traditional metal braces and the invisible braces. The appearance of the Inman aligners is invisible making it aesthetically pleasing; however, it is as uncomfortable as the metal wires of the traditional braces option. It must be remembered that this aligning method is used exclusively for the front teeth.

3. Veneers

Braces may be used to realign the teeth, but veneers can also be used as a procedure for straightening the teeth. If you present with chipped or irregularly shaped teeth, it would be beneficial to opt for veneers instead of braces. When installing a veneer, the dentist will bond a porcelain shell to your tooth covering the irregularity with a more pleasing and natural shape. Fortunately, veneers cannot be removed which eliminates the chance of the veneer falling out; however, they do need to be replaced every five years.

4. Surgery

Surgery should only be sought as a last option for teeth straightening. If your jawbone does not align, and you have attempted all other dental procedures, it may be worthwhile considering the use of dental surgery. Remember, this can be a costly alternative, and the results will be permanent. Furthermore, it can take a long time to see any results so you must be a patient individual. Always consult a licensed professional when considering surgery to ensure you receive high-quality service.