A Few Modern Ways To Straighten Your Teeth

The majority of people, both young and old, will suffer from some form of dental issue during their lifetime. Due to the increased sugar in foods and unhealthy lifestyles people lead, the chance of the dental issue being an infection or decay is high; however, this is not always the case. In addition to root canals and fillings, dental professionals often deal with misaligned teeth or crooked smiles. All people are looking for that ideal smile and using the correct procedures will assist in achieving the goal. This article will discuss the various modern dental treatments available to straighten your teeth.

1. Braces

At the moment there are two types of braces available as a treatment alternative: the traditional wire braces and the invisible plastic braces. The traditional metal brace can be highly beneficial to realign or adjusting teeth. Unfortunately, the metal alternative can take several months to treat the problem and are not removable. In fact, the wired option is only removed by the dental professional once the dentist agrees that the treatment is complete.

Invisible braces, however, are made from plastic being far less painful to wear than the traditional metal option. This modern device is removable and is far more aesthetically pleasing while performing the same service as the traditional braces. The only drawback to invisible braces is that they are more costly than metal braces. It’s important when considering braces to discuss the options thoroughly with a qualified Orthodontist near you so you can both decide on the right choice for you.  If you live in our beautiful home state of Colorado click here to find a Denver Orthodontist.

2. Inman Aligners

The Inman aligner is a dental treatment device that falls between the traditional metal braces and the invisible braces. The appearance of the Inman aligners is invisible making it aesthetically pleasing; however, it is as uncomfortable as the metal wires of the traditional braces option. It must be remembered that this aligning method is used exclusively for the front teeth.

3. Veneers

Braces may be used to realign the teeth, but veneers can also be used as a procedure for straightening the teeth. If you present with chipped or irregularly shaped teeth, it would be beneficial to opt for veneers instead of braces. When installing a veneer, the dentist will bond a porcelain shell to your tooth covering the irregularity with a more pleasing and natural shape. Fortunately, veneers cannot be removed which eliminates the chance of the veneer falling out; however, they do need to be replaced every five years.

4. Surgery

Surgery should only be sought as a last option for teeth straightening. If your jawbone does not align, and you have attempted all other dental procedures, it may be worthwhile considering the use of dental surgery. Remember, this can be a costly alternative, and the results will be permanent. Furthermore, it can take a long time to see any results so you must be a patient individual. Always consult a licensed professional when considering surgery to ensure you receive high-quality service.