A Few Types Of Materials Used in Home Siding

Siding can play a vital role in protecting the walls of your home and also enhancing its aesthetic appeal. A number of materials like wood and stone have been traditionally used as siding, and technology has gone forward to add many more like fiber cement, vinyl, and aluminum. In addition to this article we always recommend you talk with a qualified siding contractor in your area.

Siding for a home is not only decorative but can protect the walls of your home from the depredations of weather and insects. Siding panels can be layered so that they seal the seams and create a monolithic structure that can prevent moisture from getting in between the siding and walls so that any formation of mold is prevented. Reference – dialoneroofing.com – Dial One Roofing company.

Wood siding is the most common siding material and is cheaper than other alternatives. Installation is also relatively simple, as the skills required for this sort of siding are widely available. There is also an abundance of this material and many varieties that can be used. The wood needs to be properly seasoned so that it can resist the weather. Wood is inflammable, but the use of fire retarding paints can help to render this material safer.

Materials like aluminum and vinyl siding are resistant to fire but are more expensive. They, however, require far less maintenance and will also last longer. They are available in a wide variety of colors and architects can use them to create different aesthetic effects that can make the exterior of the home look very attractive. These siding materials require a proper framework to be attached to the walls or structure of a building, and may also require a fair bit of expertise for proper installation.

Vinyl siding is a material that is commonly used for the siding of homes, as there is a wide variety of textures, colors, and styles that can be made to imitate wood, stone or any other desired architectural effect. The siding, like aluminum, is also light and thus can be installed in larger panels, thus reducing the number of joints. Maintenance is very easy and the use of water and detergents can have sidings always looking like new. We can recommend our favorite vinyl siding company James Hardie.


Fiber cement siding is made up of cement, sand and cellulose fiber and undergoes pressure and steam treatment during its manufacture. This siding can last much longer than other sidings and may not require replacement during the life of a home. Of all the various materials that can be used for siding, wood is the most versatile as it can be colored and made into different profiles. Maintenance requirements are heavy and wooden siding requires constant attention.

You need to look at the structural requirements for any framework that may be needed for a siding material, as this can greatly increase costs and fixing problems. Budget restraints can determine the choice, while maintenance requirements also need to be considered for long terms, as this can add to costs. The right siding can go a long way in improving the looks of a home and giving it a distinctive appearance that sets it apart from the other homes in your area.